Candles & Greenery, Magic & Mystery

Candles and greenery are turning up everywhere. Sunday being the first Sunday in Advent – and part of the first weekend in December – we began our Christmas preparations… at least a few initial ones. We put up our tree. I know it’s early, but I’m like a little child when it comes to Christmas.Continue reading “Candles & Greenery, Magic & Mystery”

What colours your writing?

There are bits of unexpected colour everywhere right now. They brighten up an ordinary landscape that’s in transition between seasons. There are other colours turning up this month, but on houses, inside and out. Purple and lime green Christmas decorations. Teal and orange. Even black and gold. I’ve seen them in recent magazine spreads. “OurContinue reading “What colours your writing?”

The Story, Simple and Unadorned

  I saw a lot of trees during the last two days. As I drove through one wintry snowscape after another on our pre-Christmas journey, I couldn’t help thinking of the picture of our Christmas tree that accompanied my Monday post.   We have many favourite heritage decorations on it but I’m also fond ofContinue reading “The Story, Simple and Unadorned”

Feeling Swamped?

When I watched “The Perfect Storm” I clutched the arm of my chair and frequently held my breath, willing the Andrea Gail to survive the mountainous waves. By the time the huge rogue wave hit I was gasping for air. I knew her survival was unlikely. There was a sense of desperation coupled with despair.Continue reading “Feeling Swamped?”

Light In the Darkness

  My journal rests forgotten on my lap, pen poised without words to record. I am mesmerized by light as flames dance in the fireplace, flickering into the shadows of a room otherwise lit only by Christmas lights. I’m not sure if there’s anything scientific about our fascination with light. I know in winter thereContinue reading “Light In the Darkness”

Waiting in Hope

We sang, “Hope is a Star” yesterday in church, and lit the first candle to mark the start of another Advent season. Wikipedia says the term comes from the Latin word adventus which means coming, and that Advent is “a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the nativity of Jesus atContinue reading “Waiting in Hope”

Anticipating a Fresh Start

Pushed by a bitter breeze, tiny whitecaps scuttled over the waves while layers of winter-tinted cotton batting clouds stretched across the sapphire sky mimicking the mountainous shoreline. From inside the ferry’s forward lounge we admired the view. Maybe if we hadn’t known it was the first full day of winter we might have been lulledContinue reading “Anticipating a Fresh Start”