He is Risen Indeed!

Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day and yes it’s Easter Sunday. But the resurrection was no joke. Those nails were real as were the thorns painfully drawing blood that ours might be spared. Jesus died. He was removed from the cross and buried in a tomb sealed behind a boulder. But three days later He wasContinue reading “He is Risen Indeed!”

Winter’s Worn Out Its Welcome

We’ve arrived at the second weekend in March. Did you remember this is when our clocks jump forward an hour (not on their own, of course; you have to change them) and our bodies rebel at losing an hour’s sleep? I dislike these biannual time changes. There was a purpose for Daylight Saving Time wayContinue reading “Winter’s Worn Out Its Welcome”

Advent II – Live in Peace

Our world sure is a troubled place! Every newscast I saw today featured shots of hatred in action: fighting, killing and destruction. Today was the second Sunday in Advent, and we began the worship service at my church by lighting the second candle representing Peace. (The first candle last week was for Hope.) There are lotsContinue reading “Advent II – Live in Peace”

And so it begins…

December 1st. It’s not even 4:30 p.m. and already it’s pitch black outside. At least, it is until the outside Christmas lights, recently strung along the roofline around our back deck, suddenly blink on and shine through the windows to illuminate the family room. Advent arrives this weekend and we’ve begun some of the annualContinue reading “And so it begins…”

Winter’s Moon

Even during the misery of the flu — amid the stuffiness, sore throat and headache, ribs sore from coughing, and the inability to sleep — there are things for which I am thankful. Last night at 4 a.m. (technically I guess that would be this morning but it was still part of my night), I satContinue reading “Winter’s Moon”

The Stillness of a Snowy Christmas

Wishing you a blessed and peace-filled Christmas! (You) could’ve swept in like a tidal wave or an ocean to ravish our hearts You could have come through like a roaring flood to wipe away the things we’ve scarred .  But you came like a winter snow quiet and soft and slow Falling from the skyContinue reading “The Stillness of a Snowy Christmas”

Is it December? (Er, I mean “It’s December!”)

It IS December! It’s been December for almost two weeks and I’ve been doing December things, just not blogging about it. I’ve been “M.I.A.” while rejoicing in the arrival of Advent, accompanying hubby on a tree-finding outing, digging through storage boxes for Christmas decorations, beginning the traditional baking spree, writing notes and addressing envelopes — allContinue reading “Is it December? (Er, I mean “It’s December!”)”

When music makes me feel old…

Every so often something grinds me to a stop and makes me consider my age. Music isn’t usually one of those things. Oh, there’s always the knowing look when a particular genre turns up on the truck’s radio and I change stations because I find it jarring. Someone is bound to think, “Old fogies are in control ofContinue reading “When music makes me feel old…”

Advent I – Waiting in Hope

In church Sunday morning the children were asked what they saw that was different in the sanctuary. One youngster immediately pointed to a banner on the chancel wall: “Hope”. Another acknowledged the Advent wreath with its candles. Hope was our focus on the first Sunday of Advent. As the first of the candles was lit, we read the liturgy…Continue reading “Advent I – Waiting in Hope”