[cough] Happy New Year [cough]

It’s New Year’s Eve and [cough, cough] I’m trying desperately to [cough] pull thoughts from my medicated mind for a brilliant year-end post. [cough, gag] Alas, it isn’t happening. Tylenol, Benylin and Otrivin have done their numbing routine on my brain and when I poke it for ideas only drivel flows out. [hack, hack] .Continue reading “[cough] Happy New Year [cough]”

Anticipating a Fresh Start

Pushed by a bitter breeze, tiny whitecaps scuttled over the waves while layers of winter-tinted cotton batting clouds stretched across the sapphire sky mimicking the mountainous shoreline. From inside the ferry’s forward lounge we admired the view. Maybe if we hadn’t known it was the first full day of winter we might have been lulledContinue reading “Anticipating a Fresh Start”