Not all those who wander are lost.
(J. R. R. Tolkien)


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Who am I, and what am I doing here? (Sometimes I wonder about that, too!)


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We travelled over the recent Christmas break! I add an exclamation mark to that statement because it was a major achievement for us. Not only was it the first Christmas spent with family since before the start of this miserable Covid-19 pandemic three years ago, it was only possible because (1.) after catching the virus on December 4, my hubby and I only tested negative again on December 20, the day before we were meant to depart; and (2.) our region had been hit with a major winter storm two days before we left, and another was forecasted for two days after we left. Somehow we managed to make the two-day drive on the only two good days that week.

We anticipated bad roads and a stressful drive, so had made an overnight motel reservation for the half-way point. As we climbed back into the truck on our second morning, the thermometer read -31°C. — frigid, yes, but with a glorious blue sky.

Being with our family was such a blessing and I’m so glad we were able to go, but now that we’re back at home again, a smidgeon of awe exists that we actually went. The pandemic played right into my introverted nature and over these three years I’ve mostly been content to isolate at home. I backed away from activities that involved being with people and now that the world is beginning to re-emerge, I’m still reluctant to return to them.

But…surprise! We re-emerged from our self-imposed cocoons and survived. On our trip we ate in public restaurants, slept in a strange motel room, went to a church other than our own. While I still ordered groceries online when we returned home (our fridge was decidedly bare), today I ventured out to shop at a local store. Granted, I wore my trusty mask, and used hand sanitizer the instant I returned to the truck, but… baby steps. 🙂

How has the pandemic affected you? Is your life getting back to normal, or is ‘normal’ an impossible reality for you?

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