About me

Let’s see. Hmm… What would you like to know?

At various times in my life (but in no particular order) I have been an elementary school teacher, a personal secretary, an artist, a choir director, a movie consultant, a breeder of Shetland Sheepdogs, a professional dog show secretary, and haphazard gardener.

That was then. This is now.

I’m a minister’s wife, mother of three wonderful adult children and several grand and great grandchildren, lover of Shelties and Labradors, a novice birdwatcher, a writer, reader and dabbler in home decor.

I may be other things, too, but I suspect this is already more than you really wanted to know.


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  1. Careann,

    Where can I find out more about your work?

    I used to share accommodations in the old house behind the bank on the main drag in Langley. I can’t remember the highway’s name. King George? Judi & I shared a suite back in 1971.

    I appreciate you stopping by my blog everyday. It hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  2. In Langley it would likely be the Fraser Hwy altho’ Hwy #10 also cuts through the city. I lived in Langley for a few years after our family moved from Vancouver Island. We moved on to Maple Ridge but I still attend the Langley Writers’ Guild… am the treasurer at present.

    As for my work… no published novels yet, and I haven’t been putting excerpts online, but there are now links to some of my articles on the “Writing” page. Just click on the tab. (2015 Note — The Writing page is currently down for some much needed updating.)

  3. I appreciate your stopping by my blog. I had not thought of the quote on our T-shirts being applicable to writing, but you are so right! I will be back to visit you.

  4. Writing takes inspiration from life. Life creates revelations worth recording. When we look for it we see the intermingling happening everywhere. Thanks for visiting, Becky.

  5. hey Carol, just popped by to say hi, after you popped by to say hi. I’ll be back to read more of your posts. Have a good day, Michael

  6. Hi, Carol-
    Saw your name on Rachelle Gardner’s blog and decided to check out your blog. I’m a fellow writer with a novel in progress, and I wish you good luck on getting your novels published!

    1. Thanks, Katt. It’s warm here today (at least by southern BC winter standards) at 12 degrees (54 F.). You’ve really been besieged by the cold. My sympathy. Help yourself to a hot refill from my coffee pot. 😉

  7. Concise, catching and an impressive introduction!:)

    It’s my first visit and I’m totally in love with what I saw here. Hoping to learn a LOT from you!:)

    Adding you to my blog roll. Looking forward to be in contact with you in the journey of self-discovery, through our writings.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Spotlesssoul. I don’t know what you’re likely to learn here, but I do enjoy sharing thoughts on life and my writing journey with those who drop in for visits. I’ll pop over to your blog soon.

    1. Thanks for popping in to share a coffee moment with me, Carol Ann. Iced or steaming hot, coffee’s always the perfect accompaniment to a visit, isn’t it? 🙂

  8. Hi Carol! I found you through Freshly Pressed. Your blog is sooo nice! Please drop be mine sometime. I’ll be checking back often

  9. Carol, I’m so glad I found your blog via freshly pressed. I’m a writer, too, in college and interested in journalism, and it’s nice to come across a writer’s blog! I’m also a huge dog-lover 🙂

  10. Carol,
    Just came over to check out your blog. It looks great and I look forward to future visits here.

  11. Oh hello! This is my first visit–I came by way of Planaquarium, and so glad I did. Nice blog! I love the scripture references, and the Patience reminder. And your picture is wonderful–such a kind face, I’d love to meet you, though I don’t travel (but I have fond memories of visits to Canada–I’m in the north Seattle area). I see, also, that you have lots of awards–bravo! I’m nattering on, as I do–but I wish you a most blessed day!

  12. Thank you for sharing your musings. This is my first visit. I found you courtesy of a friend from Rhode Island. My husband and I live in North Carolina transplanted from the North more than a dozen years ago. Rose, my friend and next-door-neighbor, and I meet once a week for tea and conversation. It is a great blessing for us both. I’d like to visit with you again, multiplying my blessings.

    Sincerely, Louella

    1. Thanks, Carol Ann. It could be a while. LOL. I’m on my fifth now, but not trying very hard to do anything with them. I’m a good example of ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’, but one day….

  13. Hi Carol! Congrats on being such an established writer and as an aspiring writer, I’m rooting for your books to be published too!! Will definitely be sticking around to read your (long) list of older posts!! Thanks for sharing so freely (:

  14. Thanks, Carol, for sharing your gifts here. I look forward to unwrapping them in your older posts and your new posts, too!

    1. I missed your comment earlier — my apologies! Thanks for visiting here. I hope you’ve been finding some useful tidbits.

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