He is Risen Indeed!

Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day and yes it’s Easter Sunday. But the resurrection was no joke. Those nails were real as were the thorns painfully drawing blood that ours might be spared. Jesus died. He was removed from the cross and buried in a tomb sealed behind a boulder. But three days later He wasContinue reading “He is Risen Indeed!”


Advent I – Waiting in Hope

In church Sunday morning the children were asked what they saw that was different in the sanctuary. One youngster immediately pointed to a banner on the chancel wall: “Hope”. Another acknowledged the Advent wreath with its candles. Hope was our focus on the first Sunday of Advent. As the first of the candles was lit, we read the liturgy…Continue reading “Advent I – Waiting in Hope”

HOPE in a changing world

This has been the first week of Advent 2015. We begin again to HOPE. The prophet Isaiah said Jesus would be the hope of the nations, but in our changing world today we sometimes wonder at the reliability of that promise. The late Christian writer Henri Nouwen emphasized that hope is faith in something beyond our control. WhileContinue reading “HOPE in a changing world”

Evening Reflection

The evening slips silently into nightfall. Away from the brash city lights, we are cloaked in total darkness until the moon peeks over the hill and scatters ripples of light across the water. Our summer sanctuary, this — a place of solitude, a place for reflection. ~ EVENING The sun leaves auburn shadows  There’s purple clouds in sight  The evening fadesContinue reading “Evening Reflection”

What Kind of a Welcome?

Many years ago we repainted our front door. Finding the right colour was challenging. I was on a ‘green kick’, as anyone who has been inside the house can attest, but green with the bluish-gray trim didn’t seem quite right. Plus, green is considered a cool colour, and I wanted something warm and welcoming. I didn’tContinue reading “What Kind of a Welcome?”

When the power goes out…

“Let there be light; and there was light!“ [Genesis 1:3] Regular visitors here will have discovered the absence of Friday’s post. That was just one of the by-products of a windstorm that caused a thirty-hour power outage affecting our area. Our daily habits require adequate light for reading, use of our computers, the Internet and television, garage doorsContinue reading “When the power goes out…”

God’s design in nature, life and writing

If you look for it, there is texture and design to be found everywhere in nature. In our gardens, repetition is a part of good design, ensuring a flow from one area to another by repeating colours and shapes. Varying plant heights, providing contrasts of leaf texture, and planning a winterscape are also recommended forContinue reading “God’s design in nature, life and writing”