Are you focused on the future or fixated on the past?

Storms don’t last forever, and neither do vacations. If you’ve read my earlier posts this week (here and here) you’ll know I’ve been away all week, but today it was time to return home. As we sailed away from Vancouver Island the sky was reminiscent of the two storms we had experienced. Hurricane-force winds on MondayContinue reading “Are you focused on the future or fixated on the past?”

Storm Watching

Wednesday. Some call it ‘hump day’, others ‘slump day’. Whatever the case, it’s half way through the work week for most of us … mid point between weekends. Depending on what we’ve accomplished or what we still have left to do, Wednesday’s arrival provokes us to press on, either eagerly or in desperation. For thoseContinue reading “Storm Watching”

Anticipating a Fresh Start

Pushed by a bitter breeze, tiny whitecaps scuttled over the waves while layers of winter-tinted cotton batting clouds stretched across the sapphire sky mimicking the mountainous shoreline. From inside the ferry’s forward lounge we admired the view. Maybe if we hadn’t known it was the first full day of winter we might have been lulledContinue reading “Anticipating a Fresh Start”