HOPE in a changing world

This has been the first week of Advent 2015. We begin again to HOPE. The prophet Isaiah said Jesus would be the hope of the nations, but in our changing world today we sometimes wonder at the reliability of that promise. The late Christian writer Henri Nouwen emphasized that hope is faith in something beyond our control. WhileContinue reading “HOPE in a changing world”

What will this New Year mean for your writing?

It begins again… this cycle of seasons bundled into the whirlwind called Time.  We’re perched on the cusp of 2013, wondering how the past year – for me it’s more like the past decade – could have swirled away so quickly. The last page of the 2012 calendar will fall away tonight. There’s a newContinue reading “What will this New Year mean for your writing?”

Candles & Greenery, Magic & Mystery

Candles and greenery are turning up everywhere. Sunday being the first Sunday in Advent – and part of the first weekend in December – we began our Christmas preparations… at least a few initial ones. We put up our tree. I know it’s early, but I’m like a little child when it comes to Christmas.Continue reading “Candles & Greenery, Magic & Mystery”

When the clouds roll in (or, dealing with disappointment)

You plan a weekend at the lake, but awaken Saturday to unexpected rain. Or maybe you prepare a surprise birthday dinner for your hubby, only to learn that a meeting has come up and he can’t make it home in time. Things don’t always go according to plan. I watched several Olympic events over theContinue reading “When the clouds roll in (or, dealing with disappointment)”

Sunshine on Cedars

. A glimmer of weak sunshine makes its way to the cedar trees. Except for the plow’s leavings, the snow is gone. Early February here is that bleak time of year when winter’s frozen glory has retreated and spring’s promise yet to arrive. I sigh at the rotting leaves of autumn-neglected hostas and alder untilContinue reading “Sunshine on Cedars”

Advent Waiting

. There are many synonyms for ‘advent’ – beginning, start, dawn, initiation – but I like ‘introduction’.  Advent marks the beginning of a new year in the Christian church calendar and its four weeks are meant to be a time of expectation, anticipation and preparation for the coming of Jesus the Christ. However, it’s alsoContinue reading “Advent Waiting”

Waiting in Hope

We sang, “Hope is a Star” yesterday in church, and lit the first candle to mark the start of another Advent season. Wikipedia says the term comes from the Latin word adventus which means coming, and that Advent is “a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the nativity of Jesus atContinue reading “Waiting in Hope”

The Various Facets of Hope

At this time of the year we encounter hope everywhere. A child hopes there will be that one special gift under the tree; a student hopes for a passing grade on school exams; an employee hopes for a year-end bonus; perhaps a family hopes a distant loved one will be home for Christmas; or maybeContinue reading “The Various Facets of Hope”

I Didn’t Want to Know That!

Stumbling from the bedroom early this morning I clicked on the television. The first words uttered by the news anchorman were that Christmas is exactly two weeks away. I didn’t want to know that! Truly I didn’t. . Yes, there is a decorated tree in our family room and the outside lights are up. ThatContinue reading “I Didn’t Want to Know That!”

Inauguration Tuesday

“I stand here today humbled by the task before us,” he said. Not the task before me, but before us. This attitude of inclusion may be the key to longed-for change in the United States.   There is so much optimism in the chant, “Yes, we can”; so much joy in the faces of thoseContinue reading “Inauguration Tuesday”