ACFW Genesis Awards

The annual American Christian Fiction Writers Conference is wrapping up today in
Indianapolis, Indiana. A LiveBlog event was posted live from the Conference on Sunday evening during the Awards Ceremony. An archived transcript including nominees and winners for the various awards can be found online here. Congratulations to all the winners!


Contemporary Fiction

  • Runner up: Chris Kraft, Brandywine Reckoning
  • Winner: Lynnette P. Horner, The Assistant

Contemporary Romance

  • Runner up: Sarah Forgrave, Stilettos and Aprons
  • Winner: Janice LaQuiere, Truckload of Love

Historical Fiction

  • Runner up: Lori Benton, The Quiet in the Land
  • Winner: Brenda Jackson, Principle Engagement

Historical Romance

  • Runner up: Ruth Trippy, Celia
  • Winner: Pam Hillman, Terms of Indenturement


  • Runner up: Barbara Early, Chaos at Camp
  • Winner: Rich Bullock, Storm Lake/Storm Song

Romantic Suspense

  • Runner up: Terri Weldon, A Cry in the Night
  • Winner: Valerie Goree, Weep in the Night

Speculative Fiction

  • Runner up: Suzanne Krein, Time Dancer
  • Winner: Andra Marquardt, Traitors

Women’s Fiction

  • Runner up: Lisa Buffaloe, Nadia’s Hope
  • Winner: Jennifer Fromke, Docking

Young Adult

  • Runner up: Kasey Heinly, Broken Glass
  • Winner: Stefanie Morris, Shyla, Desert Daughter/Shyla, Child of the Desert


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11 thoughts on “ACFW Genesis Awards

  1. Aaaaagggghhhh. Still haven’t pulled the trigger on the decision to attend or not attend the FWA Conference in October. I’ve never been to one, so I don’t know if it’s time well-spent or just a gathering of chatterboxes.

    1. You know I attend conferences, and I’m definitely not a chatterbox. I’m your typical wall-flower introvert! Conferences are wonderful places to meet like-minded people, but in a room full of strangers I can easily be overwhelmed. What I recommend is registering with someone so you don’t find yourself sitting tongue-tied next to a stranger at a meal or workshop. Can you register for just one day… maybe take in a few workshops, mingle a bit, and attend the awards banquet?

  2. How fascinating. I didn’t know there was such an organization. I am a writer of Christian fiction. Are the entrants authors that have been published? Thank you for sharing the award winners and runners up.

    1. The Genesis Awards are for unpublished authors but the ACFW also has a Carol Award for published authors. Here are some excerpts from the ACFW website:

      “The ACFW Genesis Contest is open to ACFW members unpublished in adult or young adult fiction in the last seven years… Only entries from novel manuscripts (completed or projected manuscript word count at 45,000 words or longer) will be accepted, not short stories or novellas… The entrant must submit the first 15 pages of their manuscript, double-spaced, and may include an optional one-page single-spaced synopsis.”

      The ACFW’s Carol Awards are open to published members with books “written from a Christian worldview in any Christian fiction genre, through a publisher on the ACFW Recognized Publishers list and for which the author did not participate financially in the production or distribution.”

  3. I got in on the last half hour of the live blog post, and it was so much fun to see the winners announced. I”m especially happy for Barb Early, who is a fellow pastor’s wife. She was a double finalist in the Genesis contest!

    Have a restful day,

  4. I read the live blog too cause I had some friends who were in it. It was the first year where I actually knew a ton of blogger friends who were there. Wish I had been too! maybe next year. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s wonderful to meet you:)

    1. It’s nice to meet you, too, Terri. The ACFW conference sounds wonderful but at this point in my career heading off to an international conference just isn’t possible, and I’m envious of all my blogging contacts who were there. I’m living it vicariously through their various blog posts!

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