Fat Chance

If you’ve ever stood on a scale and cringed at what it told you, it’s possible you’re among the millions of overweight people who struggle with dieting. Ali Vincent, in her book Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life, says, “It’s a bigger issue than just calories in, calories out.” I understand that. A very long time ago I lost 80 lbs. and through the years gained it all back. I belonged to T.O.P.S. for seventeen years, getting moral support for that battle. Support is a big motivator.


Knowing that others with a similar problem have waged and won the weight battle is also a big motivator and is one of the reasons that I am currently backing the weight loss and fitness regime that Joseph Dulaney is undertaking.


It is also why I am looking forward to reading a new book by another of the Biggest Loser TV series participants.  Julie Hadden has written Fat Chance: Losing the Weight, Gaining My Worth. You can read about how Julie initially connected with WordServe Agent Rachelle Gardner here. The book’s release is timely – who doesn’t face the dilemma of what to do about those extra holiday pounds?


I hope to be one of its early readers and be able to post a review here before the end of January. I also hope not to have too many additional pounds to cope with at that point!


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10 thoughts on “Fat Chance

  1. I sympathize with everyone who struggles with weight problems, whether it’s the need to lose or the need to gain. A good diet and excercise are so important for our health, but it’s soooo hard to keep from indulging ourselves at the holidays.


    1. We associate rich food and overeating with holiday celebrations and it’s a mindset that isn’t healthy. Having a goal and keeping oneself focused on it can help, but even that is difficult when everyone around you doesn’t seem to care.

  2. Thanks for the props Carol…it is really tough especially through the holidays.

    One thing that I LOVE about the biggest loser, their contestants and the way they are doing things, is that they focus on more than just diet and exercise. They take a look at the underlying cause of the weight in the first place. The emotional aspect, family life etc.

    I was lucky in that I am not a very stressed person, I understand the exercise portion well and I tend to lose weight consistently when I am smart. However, I did find with my success, some things came to the surface I needed to deal with. Those things are what most people use food as a crutch for.

    Well, enough of a essay here today but thanks again for the props. Down 1 more pound though the holidays and back to the gym this morning for the first time in a while due to some crazy travel.

    1. Eleven weeks of consistent loss is pretty incredible, Joseph! You’re doing so well and I know it’s because you fully committed to not only the actual dieting and fitness, but the importance of your goal. Way to go!!!

  3. I think Mars Bars and Christmas are my downfall. Two things I simply can’t avoid.. But I have a treadmill and I use it during the winter months. It’s really made a difference.

    1. Mars Bars… mmmmm!!! My favourite bar. 🙂 There’s just so much food around during the Christmas season it’s hard to be disciplined about sensible eating and exercise. Using a treadmill is a great option. Good for you!

  4. I have to confess I’ve read every book written about losing weight. Or I did read them all. I finally had to quit. It was too depressing. But since this is YOUR blog and you took the time to write about her book, I’ll check it out.

    1. It’s a shame reading about dieting doesn’t magically translate into lower numbers on the scale, isn’t it? But it’s helpful to hear that others have overcome a problem and how they did it. My reason for reading was to learn about what might work for me. But it was the real time support that made the difference and that’s why I was in a T.O.P.S. group for so many years. Some people do fine dieting on their own but I found being accountable to others — having to “report in” every week — helped keep me focused on the process. Obviously I didn’t maintain that weight loss after I left the group but I learned a lot about healthy eating that I still use. I’m looking forward to reading what Julie Hadden has to say.

  5. Carol,
    This is sort of off-topic, but have you received your copy of Julie Hadden’s book from Rachelle G. yet? I emailed her and thought I was going to get a copy to review, but I didn’t know when it’s supposed to arrive!

    1. I checked with her on Jan. 5th because mine hadn’t arrived either. Her reply: “Sorry, I just checked with the publisher and they informed me books would not be going out until next week. Thanks for checking in, I hadn’t realized the books hadn’t gone out yet. R.” So I guess they’ll be along in another week or so.

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