A Month into Isolation

We went into semi-lockdown one month ago today. Prior to then, people were being urged to practice healthy safeguards but we weren’t confined to our homes. We engaged with people, greeting each other with smiles, elbow bumps or perhaps a slight bow. The ability to socially interact was taken for granted. Now anything ‘social’ isContinue reading “A Month into Isolation”


Springtime thoughts overshadowed by COVID-19

My last post was exactly one month ago. At that time the new coronavirus hadn’t yet received a name as the world watched it gain hold in China. On January 30 the World Health Organization declared the outbreak to be a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’. For a time, we were lulled into believingContinue reading “Springtime thoughts overshadowed by COVID-19”

Compartmentalizing the Process of Aging

This Facebook meme made me giggle: It seemed particularly appropriate because I marked a milestone birthday this month. Years ago upon reaching 65 I declared myself ‘officially old’ because it was society’s perceived age of retirement and  I finally qualified for Canada’s OAP. Now, having reached ‘Lvl 80’, I’m not sure what I am. Maybe ‘officially ancient’?  ThereContinue reading “Compartmentalizing the Process of Aging”

Enduring Winter’s Blahs

Bit by bit we’re emerging. Snow is receding and the grass is becoming visible. At the same time, I’m emerging from my germ-infested fog. I’ve had this winter’s common complaint — a cold/flu/whatever-it-is bug that has kept me inactive since before New Year’s. I’m tired of it — the bug and the snow — butContinue reading “Enduring Winter’s Blahs”

Who Am I?

Many years ago there used to be a television game show of that name — “Who Am I?” — where contestants had to guess which guest was telling the truth about their profession. Two guests lied; one was required to be truthful. There is a different series, “Who Do You Think You Are?“, currently airing, where celebrities journeyContinue reading “Who Am I?”

Archives: There’s No Sin in Being Good to Yourself

When it came time to find words for today’s post, I had none. I wandered through my archives, looking for something to ‘re-run’, and one title appealled, so I’m reposting it. Sometimes being good to oneself is as important as being good to someone else. I clicked on the link in the first paragraph toContinue reading “Archives: There’s No Sin in Being Good to Yourself”

Sometimes it’s hard

Earlier this week, on Thanksgiving Monday, under the title “In all things give thanks“, I posted a photo I’d taken during a drive in the Fraser Valley,  and I included a quote from Psalm 95:2.  We have so much in our lives for which to be thankful and I was feeling full of praise. Tuesday morning we were once again driving in theContinue reading “Sometimes it’s hard”

Facing Fears: Admissions of a Writing Introvert

Today I’m admitting to something I rarely talk about beyond the circle of family and close friends. And I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone by discussing it in a guest post on Jenn Hubbard’s blogs. ~ As gatherings go, the Surrey International Writers’ Conference is a big one for me. It’s my favourite weekend ofContinue reading “Facing Fears: Admissions of a Writing Introvert”

Yuck: aka the not-so-common cold

When tissues, cough syrup, and curling up under a warm afghan are all I can think of, planning a blog post easily gets dumped to the bottom of the priority list. My week has been one of hacking and hugging my ribs — just an ordinary cold, I keep saying, but a nasty bronchial one.Continue reading “Yuck: aka the not-so-common cold”

Keeping the writer’s head above water

At almost 1400 km. long, the Fraser River is the longest river in British Columbia. It’s often called “The Muddy Fraser”, a reference to the water’s silty colour. The Fraser’s largest tributary is the Thompson River whose north arm originates at the foot of the Thompson Glacier in the Cariboo Mountains. When it joins theContinue reading “Keeping the writer’s head above water”