Talk about seeing red!


Photo credit: Blair Wainman

Yesterday I mentioned our red-winged blackbirds. Today on her blog Sandra Heska King‘s “glimpses of glory” and gorgeous photography give a whole new perspective to “seeing red.”  As we look toward Easter in this last week of Lent, please visit and read her wonderful words.



8 thoughts on “Talk about seeing red!

  1. The Daily Dabbler says:

    Beautiful photograph! Is that a cattail he’s sitting on? I love cattails, but rarely see them anymore.

  2. joylene says:

    We saw our first red headed woodpecker this morning. A pair. Wow, did they do a number on the stump outside. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they nest nearby. Isn’t spring wonderful! Beautiful photo.

  3. I just want to come up and out and give you a hug! A big one. Or many.

    We have a broken country drain in our field. Nobody can find the source. So we have a pond now, surrounded by cattails and crazy covered with redwings.

  4. amkuska says:

    Never saw a redwinged black bird before. I guess it’s not my area?

  5. I love to see red winged blackbirds. They live in the land around the Great Lakes where I grew up, and they fly along fresh waters in Florida. I may not see one again for a while since I am not near a lake. Thank you for the link to Sandra. Blessings to you, Carol…

  6. The red-winged blackbird is found in most of North and much of Central America… summering in Canada and a few of the northern U.S. states. They’re really quite abundant, and they like open areas… grassy fields and wetlands. They may not be songbirds… have a squawk almost as bad as a crow’s… but they’re pretty, and I think that flash of red as they launch themselves makes up for any shortcomings.

  7. karen evans says:

    Thanks, I’ll check her out!

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