From the Archives: New Perspectives

While visiting one of my favourite blogs one Thursday back in November 2011 — Susan Atole’s Just… a Moment — I was intrigued by the unusual perspective in her featured photos. I learned she had been challenged by someone to lay on her back for taking photo shots, and I decided to try it, too. This unusual perspective offered design andContinue reading “From the Archives: New Perspectives”

In Pursuit of Coolness

  Nothing profound from me today. It has been, is, and will continue to be hot. Please don’t see this as a complaint. I wouldn’t dare complain for fear it suddenly changes to unending rain! Instead, I’m trying to think of a positive side to hot sunshine. It does bring on the flowers. I’ll say that for it. ~Continue reading “In Pursuit of Coolness”

Frozen Light

. “I am the light of the world.” . [John 8:12] . . How exquisite your love, O God! … You’re a fountain of cascading light, and you open our eyes to light. . [Psalm 36:7,9 – The Message] . . Blanshard Peak – 5,085 ft – part of the Golden Ears mountains of the Garibaldi RangeContinue reading “Frozen Light”

New Perspectives

. While visiting one of my favourite blogs on Thursday, Susan Atole’s Just… a Moment, I was intrigued by the unusual perspective in her featured photos. She said it was on the High Calling Focus blog that she encountered a challenge to lay on her back for taking photo shots. It was a challenge I couldn’t ignore ThisContinue reading “New Perspectives”

A writing lesson gleaned from rose hips

. In the same field where I had snapped photos of purple fireweed during my August trip, last week I was greeted with a haze of red. Summer’s wild roses (Rosa acicularis) had left behind an abundance of their seed pods, known as rose hips. Years ago in my more ambitious ‘happy homemaker’ days IContinue reading “A writing lesson gleaned from rose hips”

Using Photography in Writing

. Not everyone who writes wants to create their own photos to accompany articles and blog posts, and with the availability of free graphics online, it’s relatively easy to find suitable illustrations when we need them. Photos are often the inspiration for my posts here. I look through my digital albums until I see oneContinue reading “Using Photography in Writing”

Challenging Changes

. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Our trip home from the Okanagan mid-week was one of those things. The afternoon’s drive started out pleasantly enough. Sunshine. Picture-perfect clouds. Hardly any traffic. I barely noticed as more clouds snuck in… … until suddenly, well along the mountainous Coquihalla Highway, the darkened skies dumped theirContinue reading “Challenging Changes”

Talk about seeing red!

. Yesterday I mentioned our red-winged blackbirds. Today on her blog Sandra Heska King‘s “glimpses of glory” and gorgeous photography give a whole new perspective to “seeing red.”  As we look toward Easter in this last week of Lent, please visit and read her wonderful words. ~

Taking a Closer Look

I do it all the time. I hurry along, busy with daily trivia, looking at things as I go but not really seeing them. I’m physically there, but not focused on my surroundings. You know how it is when you glance at something and later can’t remember what it looked like? Fifteen years ago ourContinue reading “Taking a Closer Look”

Subject vs. Composition vs. Balance vs. Structure

The subject of a photograph isn’t as important as the exposure and composition. Last week I posted an unsuccessful photo that blurred because the shutter speed couldn’t cope with the vehicle’s speed, and yet three people commented that they found the shot “interesting,” “engaging” and “fun.” Accidental shots can have fascinating results. When I’m framingContinue reading “Subject vs. Composition vs. Balance vs. Structure”