Stereotyping the Sexes

Some bird species are monomorphic, with no easily identifiable differences between the male and female birds, but other species are dimorphic, which means there are visible differences in appearance. Reading that information in my bird guide led me to thinking about how we portray male and female characters in our writing. If we women needContinue reading “Stereotyping the Sexes”

Wandering Weekend Moments

. . . . Squabbling squirrels abandon the birdfeeder, dash across the deck and chase in circles through mist-coated grass. . . . . . And while they are thus distracted, the birds they were keeping at bay sneak back for a snack. . . . Silly squirrels! . . “… God made the wildContinue reading “Wandering Weekend Moments”

Talk about seeing red!

. Yesterday I mentioned our red-winged blackbirds. Today on her blog Sandra Heska King‘s “glimpses of glory” and gorgeous photography give a whole new perspective to “seeing red.”  As we look toward Easter in this last week of Lent, please visit and read her wonderful words. ~