The Various Facets of Hope

At this time of the year we encounter hope everywhere. A child hopes there will be that one special gift under the tree; a student hopes for a passing grade on school exams; an employee hopes for a year-end bonus; perhaps a family hopes a distant loved one will be home for Christmas; or maybe a street person hopes for shelter and a hot meal on a frigid night.


Writers know all about hope, too. Some days we simply hope for inspiration. Or if we’ve written and revised repeatedly, we hope to catch an agent’s attention or a publisher’s interest. If there is a published book we hope for the support of enthusiastic readers.


Hope is often a fragile commodity… tenuous. Unlike faith which steadfastly believes, hope wants to believe but isn’t always confident.


At Christmas, however, we celebrate the realization of a hope that was born of God’s promise — the salvation of mankind by One who was born to die.


Halleluia! Christ is born!


Wishing everyone rich blessings and a joy-filled Christmas.


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

6 thoughts on “The Various Facets of Hope

  1. Without hope where would we be?

    May your hopes and dreams come true in 2010 and may you add more to the list as the year progresses. Thank you for your support, your words of wisdom and your gift of friendship.

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