Hemmed In

I wonder if there are days in your life when you feel hemmed in … pressured on all sides … maybe overwhelmed by decisions, demands or expectations.

DSC04123 - Version 2

Prior to taking the above photo, I thought of that while I stared out over the crowded marina. A bit of claustrophobia kicked in, just thinking of being on the deck of one of these boats, of needing to ease out from the wharf and maneuver carefully down a narrow corridor to get beyond the breakwater without disturbing the vessels around me. I’m not a very patient person when that edge of panic starts to close in. I need my space! Now!

A few of my writer friends have mentioned the pressure of deadlines lately, of trying to fit their writing into impossible schedules around unavoidable commitments. I don’t have that kind of problem, but I understand the anxiety and the ‘I need to escape’ feeling it creates.

I had a moment like that yesterday, when faced with a task that unsettled me. Suddenly assorted words from Sunday’s service popped into my mind [placed there, no doubt, by God, although I don’t think I gave Him credit at the time]:

“Be still and know that I am God.”
“My soul finds rest in God.”
“Come to Me.”

In the briefest moment of a fragmented prayer He led me to a quiet place. Then I was able to carry on.


In the car I tuned the radio to a favourite Christian music station, and what was the first thing I heard? This song, new to me until Sunday when it had moved me to tears:


In the quiet, Lord, I come;
Been invited by Your Son.
In the stillness I can hear
Jesus calling me near.

Come to me all you weary and worn,
Come all you heavy hearted.
My beloved child,
Come away for awhile,
And you shall find rest for your soul.

Those refreshing gentle words
Feel like water for my thirst.
With a whisper in my ear
Jesus bids me draw near.

[Rory Noland]

God’s quite remarkable about things like that. Sometimes He meets needs before I even know I have them. Have you ever had that experience?


“My help and glory are in God
    —granite-strength and safe-harbor-God…”

Psalm 62:7 [Msg]

~  ~  ~

9 thoughts on “Hemmed In

  1. Judith Robl says:

    I’d never heard this song, Carol. Thank you for sharing.

    During a time of grief, I was on the road to my mother’s house. Tears threatened to blind me, so I was looking for a place to pull off. Then out of the middle of my middle, the song “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” bubbled up and dried my tears.

    “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, blessings all mine and ten thousand beside.” My tears dried instantly (He does wipe away all tears) and I could continue on schedule.

  2. Darlene says:

    Thank you Carol. I needed that.

  3. Carol says:

    Thanks to each of you for your comments. I tried to find an audio file to share, Judith, but the best I could do was find a very brief excerpt of the chorus. I was disappointed, because the melody is equally special and transports the words right to my heart. (If you’re interested in the excerpt, it’s #7 on the album featured here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/transforming-worship-vol./id813905750 )

  4. I’m in that place of being overwhelmed. Thank you for this post.

  5. This has happened to me too many times to mention now. But just yesterday, after two days of torrential rains, I was feeling gloomy, cold, damp, and I felt these words: Everything will be okay.

  6. Sharalynn says:

    Hi Carol – I don’t know if this is particularly helpful but if you google the artists name with the name of the song you can find the musical score available for download – along with some other lovely songs by Rory Noland. I am looking forward to singing this on a Sunday morning very soon. Thanks!


    • Carol says:

      Thanks, Sharalynn. I do have the score, and of course it’s available to buy online, but I had hoped to find a link to the sound track perhaps on YouTube so that those who don’t know it could hear more of it. It’s a beautiful song. We sang it for the first time in church on the 25th, just a couple hours before my aunt’s Celebration of Life, so it was particularly meaningful to me that day.

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