Searching Through the Morass

I don’t read much Christian fiction.  In fact, for years I avoided reading it altogether because the plots I had encountered were painfully simplistic, the narrative and dialogue purged and unbelievable. However the research I did while preparing a book review for last summer’s ‘Presbyterian Record’ magazine exposed me to a changing reality. During the past decade a greater quantity of good Christian novels has unobtrusively been making its way onto bookshelves, and I have discovered a few Christian authors whose fiction I really do enjoy —  Linda Hall  and  Jane Kirkpatrick  are two.


Both women have recently published new books that have already been well received: Linda’s July release, “Shadows at the Window”, has been named a ‘Romantic Times’ magazine Top Pick for July, and Jane’s April release, “A Mending at the Edge”, was on the ‘Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association’ Best Seller list the first week of its release.


Undoubtedly there are other good reads around, too. The thing is to find them without having to wade through all the not-so-good ones en route. Searching through the morass tends to ignite my impatience and I leave behind me a smoldering trail of unfinished books. There must be a better way!




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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

4 thoughts on “Searching Through the Morass

  1. Thanks for the kind mention. I love Linda Hall’s books too. She’s been on my shelf for years and under the radar as far as I’m concerned. I fine, fine writer. Glad you like her too! Warmly, Jane

  2. What I wish for are m-o-r-e books by both of you! 🙂 Then I wouldn’t have to spend so much time constantly searching. – Carol

  3. To Becky… I don’t generally read romances, either Christian or secular, and the one book of Francine Rivers that I picked up happened to be a romance so I didn’t pursue her work. I gather she does write on other topics. Perhaps you have one of hers to suggest?

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