Communication Challenges

Trying to describe what a story is about when the book is not your own can be risky.  I don’t mean reviewing a book, but actually trying to re-tell the basics of its story. I recently read the blog of someone who did this and I was disappointed at the disjointed account. It did not entice me to read the book but it did lower my opinion of the blogger’s communication skills, and that’s unfortunate because I know how well she normally expresses herself.


The situation is reminiscent of the delegate who is sent to a convention and is expected to report back to her home organization. The full benefit to the participant can’t be effectively conveyed to anyone who wasn’t there — the information can be shared, but it’s impossible to replicate the atmosphere, the experience, the exhilaration.


Better not to try, but instead to hand over the actual book, or contribute to the next registration opportunity. Urge folks to experience it firsthand.


“Show, don’t tell!” Where have we heard that before?



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