The Banana Belt Goes South for the Winter

I’ve been gardening this afternoon. Yes, I know it’s mid-December, but with snapdragons and chrysanthemums only now beginning to look pathetic, a sunny and relatively mild day here in southwestern B.C. couldn’t be wasted.


The last bit of my pre-winter yard work is finally done, and just in time. I’m told snow is in the forecast for this weekend. Soon everything green will be lost beneath a crisp layer of white. Weeds will become invisible and the drive to eradicate them will temporarily abate. Winter is when gardeners are supposed to relax but it’s really just the hiatus between putting down the cultivator and picking up the seed catalogues.


While it may get too late for working in the garden beds it’ll never be too soon to start planning for what to plant in them next year!

3 thoughts on “The Banana Belt Goes South for the Winter

  1. joylene says:

    Bravo, Careann. You’re an inspiration. My garden is covered with 6″ of snow, so I’ll be waiting until next spring to do anything remotely cultivating.

    Love to see some pics.

  2. Careann says:

    There are pictures scattered throughout my Flickr site. The most recent eight are of home turf, the previous few are of our Cariboo property, if you care to browse.

  3. joylene says:

    The photographs are outstanding. What a beautiful country. Aren’t we blessed. I particularly like the one of the path through the forest. Reminds me of an area near our house when I was a kid. Spent half my life in the forest.

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