Winter Metamorphosis

Long rays of late afternoon sunlight slant through snow-frosted trees behind our house. Frigid temperatures have already arrived although winter is still officially two days away.


There’s something about colours on a clear winter day that defies logic. Skies aren’t just blue, they’re a vivid azure. Evergreen trees change colour and become a blackened shade closer to charcoal than forest. The snow that we describe as white is anything but in its shadows and on crystalline slopes. I don’t understand why winter air has an intensity and clarity that is so different from that of any other season.


While I don’t know the reason I certainly admire the effect. The snow-covered mountains bordering B.C.’s Fraser Valley were spectacular in today’s chilly sunshine!


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

2 thoughts on “Winter Metamorphosis

  1. Your prose are poetic, Careann. It’s a true gift when the written word can transport me to a winter wonderland so effortlessly. I could read your stuff all day long.

    Your description fits well with the view outside my window. Yesterday, the long strip of open water exhaled a cloud of steam all morning. It has since frozen over.

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