Go, Canucks, Go!


There’s no getting away from it. I live in metro Vancouver, I’m a Vancouver Canucks fan, they’re in the playoff finals, and TONIGHT is the first playoff game. So, yeah, I’m waving a Canucks flag, and no, there’s no writing analogy to be gleaned from it. At least, I don’t think there is.

There are rumors that my cuz, Ra McGuire will be joining the Odds to sing a brief but rousing version of his Raise a Little Hell at the start of tonight’s game. Seems like an appropriate choice. The rivalry is friendly around here, and we welcome the Boston fans… but GO, CANUCKS, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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9 thoughts on “Go, Canucks, Go!

  1. Writing analogy:

    It doesn’t hurt to have a cheering section. In fact it helps.

    But the real work is done by the player(s) – either on the ice or at the keyboard. More than the hype and excitement, it’s the real work that counts.

    And the behind the scenes practice will tell the outcome. You can’t just wish your way into a championship.


    Yep, I’m a Canuck fan. And yep I think they’ll take their first Stanley Cup. Otherwise I may have a nervous breakdown. Wow, that last game was intense. Did I mention I got a huge hug from Stanley the last time I was in Toronto? And that’s pronounced “T’rona!”

  3. It took me a while to get fully onboard the Canucks bandwagon — maybe it just took that long to mourn the departure of my Habs — but now I can hardly wait for the game. Go Canucks!!

  4. My husband is cheering them on here in Oregon – – it’s been nothing but Stanley Cup around my house since the first games of the playoffs began:)

  5. I dunno – Boston took out my team – the Flyers. They’re from the east, a US city & I have family in the Boston area. Lemme think …. Okay, I’ll go for the Canucks. Anyone from the Philly area hates Boston sports teams. Besides, you n’ Joylene would probably block me from your blogs, email & FB pages.

  6. Last year the Olympics, this year a Stanley Cup (hopefully). What next – the Grey Cup this fall? Best of luck, Vancouver!

  7. Thanks for sharing all your hockey thoughts. And GO they did tonight, scoring the only goal of the game in the last nineteen seconds! Let’s see now… that’s one game down and just three more to win. 😉

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