Obstacles or Opportunities


Boulders litter the area in front of our lakeside cabin. Someone once bemoaned their untidy presence and voiced the wish that they could be removed. Like icebergs however, what is visible above the layer of mulched needles, bark and leaves is only a miniscule portion. Moving them would be an impossible task and so they remain in place. Our front yard will always be au naturel.


Finding a level spot between the rocks to balance a lawnchair can be an inconvenient challenge but scaling their height or using them as stepping stones in a game of ‘Tag’ or ‘Follow the Leader’ — that can be a lot of fun.


Life is full of obstacles and opportunities. Sometimes knowing “which is which” is just a matter of perspective. 



Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

One thought on “Obstacles or Opportunities

  1. Not to mentioning that removing them will be back-breaking work! Au natural is good, Careann. It’s also environmental friendly.

    My husband moved our pontoon boat to the other side of Cluculz Lake this morning. He decided to store it among the wharves already positioned along the beach. As he approached the land, he spotted 3 deer 20′ away. He said it was so quiet, he could hear them munching their breakfast.

    Some tasks are meant to be done, & in doing so offer up unexpected wonders. Some tasks are obstacles for a reason: they’re not to be done because in doing so treasures are ruined.

    Wonderful photos.

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