Remembrance Day

World War I ended 91 years ago at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In the ensuing years we have gathered at that moment to remember and honour those who, in all wars, have served in the pursuit of freedom.


One troop commander in Kandahār, Afghanistan commented this morning, “We remember our fallen every day,” and for the families of those who have died this is undoubtedly true for them, too.

Edison Garvin

Edison Garvin


Harry McGuire

In my family I think of my father-in-law, Edison Garvin, who fought in WWI at Vimy Ridge, and of my father, Jack McGuire, and an uncle, Harry McGuire, whose service was during WWII in Canada. I have little knowledge of their military memories because they seldom mentioned their war experiences. None lost their lives in war but they are gone now. On Remembrance Day I simply remember them… the people they were and how we loved them.


Jack McGuire