An Encouraging Rejection is an Anomaly

Agent Jessica Faust, in a recent post on the Bookends Literary Agency blog says, “No matter what you do or how you proceed, remember that personalized rejections deserve a pat on the back. Congratulations for making it that far.” Somehow, knowing the definition of the word ‘rejection’, her comment seems like an anomaly.   IContinue reading “An Encouraging Rejection is an Anomaly”

Today’s the Day!

Today’s the day! Registration opens at noon today for the Surrey International Writers Conference   October 24-26, 2008. I plan to be among the early ones on their doorstep to ensure my choices for Agent/Editor interviews and Blue Pencil Cafe appointments will be available.   This will be my third conference. Since 2004 I’ve been attending everyContinue reading “Today’s the Day!”

Creepy Crawlies

 A proficient gardener I’m not, but I love to putter around in the yard. I meander through the flower beds on a regular basis, hauling the hose along to water needy plants, discovering what’s new, deadheading depleted blossoms and, yes, (shudder) occasionally encountering miniature wildlife.   I’m not a big fan of bugs, but I acceptContinue reading “Creepy Crawlies”

Sound versus Silence

I suspect many of us who write are convinced that publication validates our efforts. Mystery/Suspense author Sandra Parshall said, “A writer needs readers to make the last link in the creative circle. A story that is never read by anyone other than its author is incomplete. It’s a bird singing in an empty forest.”  Continue reading “Sound versus Silence”

Becoming Visible

. Visibility can be a good thing (or not) depending on the circumstances. For the large Northern Flicker on the fir tree outside my window seclusion seems to be a priority. He hovers there, checking out conditions at the suet feeder before homing in for breakfast, but whenever I step close to the window heContinue reading “Becoming Visible”