The first of April brings a fresh writing challenge

Yes, I know it’s April Fool’s Day, but I don’t have any jokes, pranks or hoaxes to offer. My brain has been chugging along at half speed for a whole month. All through March I took part in ‘March Madness’, challenged to set goals for my writing, and work toward achieving them. I plugged awayContinue reading “The first of April brings a fresh writing challenge”

Publishing Realities

“You’re suggesting I have to do what? You’re kidding, right?” I know there are a number of people following this blog who are writers aspiring to become published authors. The vision of what that involves isn’t the same for all of us. Some see it as an exciting progression from the initial writing to signingContinue reading “Publishing Realities”

Writerly Glimpses

You hear it a lot: “Writing is a solitary experience.” And it is, unless maybe you’re working in collaboration with someone else or are one of those people who like to write amid the hubbub of a nearby Starbuck’s. Most often, however, the words that drop from our fingertips are created within our minds, andContinue reading “Writerly Glimpses”