How do you make time for writing in the summer?

I know, I know… summertime is supposed to be that exquisite breath of freedom we waited for all winter. Through grey days of rain, sleet and snow we bemoaned SAD syndrome and blamed work, school, community, church and family commitments for our lack of writing time. “When summer arrives, I’ll have more time and energyContinue reading “How do you make time for writing in the summer?”

Adapting, or letting our writing dreams die

I’ve always called it ‘heather’ but apparently the sixty-or-so kinds of Ericacece grown here in BC aren’t true heathers or heath at all. I think this one is ‘Erica’, since it blooms in spring, unlike the closely related genus ‘Calluna’ which blooms in summer or fall. Around here, because it resembles heath, it’s called ‘nativeContinue reading “Adapting, or letting our writing dreams die”

Starting Again

. Here we go again! It’s a brand new year and everyone we know seems to be wishing us a Happy New Year and talking about New Year’s Resolutions. How do you feel about them? Personally, I hate them with a passion! Setting myself up for inevitable failure by promising to adhere to a listContinue reading “Starting Again”

Making the most of your December writing time

. I sympathize with anyone who has a January editorial deadline, because there are so many December distractions. These last two weeks of December are probably the busiest time on our calendars. No matter how we celebrate Christmas (or don’t), there is so much to do as another year draws to a close. And evenContinue reading “Making the most of your December writing time”

Resolutions and the Journey of Life and Writing

When I’m driving you can be sure I’m focused on the road ahead. I see the twists and turns, the potholes in the pavement, the mileage or street signs. I watch for pedestrians, traffic signals, and other vehicles. I don’t do a lot of sightseeing. That’s why, on a longer journey, I enjoy being theContinue reading “Resolutions and the Journey of Life and Writing”

Not Yet… Noooooo!!!

We wandered the gardens this morning, the dog and I. He caught up on wildlife scents while I checked out how things had survived the weeks of our vacation abandonment. There weren’t a lot of blooms on the potentilla and I was surprised to find the dogwood leaves fading and the ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum headsContinue reading “Not Yet… Noooooo!!!”