A Writer’s Interdependency

A year ago I posted about support systems. I think we all appreciate a little encouragement from time to time. It’s both comforting and reassuring, but on occasion there’s more to the shoring up than we may realize. I believe there are times when we can look back and recognize that the help we’ve receivedContinue reading “A Writer’s Interdependency”

Time Management Strategies for Writers

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the problem of making time for writing. We’re inclined to think we face the same kind of time constraints as agents except the workload originates from a different source. Balancing demands against time seems to be a constant challenge. The complaint that crops up most often is thereContinue reading “Time Management Strategies for Writers”

Contemplating the Must-Haves of a Writing Website

In Nathan Bransford’s absence this week, his guest bloggers have been providing commentary on a variety of topics. Today Jordan McCollum wrote about “The Top 7 Things Every Aspiring Author’s Website Must Have.” I read it with interest, made a comment and slipped away to attend to non-computer things. But it wasn’t long before I wasContinue reading “Contemplating the Must-Haves of a Writing Website”

Grumbling Big Time

I’m having trouble digesting that the blogosphere is still reverberating with reactions to #queryfail and the resulting backlash dubbed #agentfail. I’m not linking to these because I think it’s time the venting stopped.   It seems like everyone has an opinion on why writers are so angry at agents — Nathan Bransford, Jennifer Jackson, JohnathanContinue reading “Grumbling Big Time”

Writers Have Their Own Version of Time

Here I am, sprawled across the couch, ignoring all the obvious chores in favour of writing. Writers do that regularly. After all, we have to capture the ideas when they present themselves. If we press the mental “pause” button long enough to put creativity on hold in favour of extracting dog hairs from under theContinue reading “Writers Have Their Own Version of Time”