Fall Snapshots: Wind Whispers

From the time of my childhood, wind and waves have always invigorated me. Put me on a shore somewhere and let me listen to the pounding surf and lift my face to the onshore wind and I come away totally refreshed.

At home the wind isn’t often strong enough to hear. Occasional breezes will flutter the branches in relative silence. Prior to the current cold snap, however, the weather reports included wind warnings, and we had several days of blustery, gusting wind that made our trees sing.

“At home,
I love reaching out into that absolute silence,
when you can hear the owl or the wind.”

Amanda Harlech
Most days I prefer to write in silence, but if I think a little background music will help, I have a small assortment of CDs from which I select. Many are Dan Gibson‘s Solitudes albums… gentle, relaxing music accompanied by sounds from nature — wind, waves, birds. If you need something energizing, they wouldn’t be a good choice, but when I need distracting from the bustle of everyday, they are perfect.
I’m always amazed by writers who do their writing in crowded coffee shops. I’m told the background becomes white noise, but I would just get sidetracked by it and start people-watching.
But the wind is something else. Its whisperings empty my consciousness, leaving my mind ready to be occupied by the lives of my characters. I love the wind — at least, I do until it uproots trees that tumble across hydro lines and leave my computer powerless! So far this fall we’ve been spared that inconvenience. Long may it last. I have writing to do.
I know I’ve asked the question before, but what’s your preferred accompaniment when writing? Silence, special music, perhaps scented candles or potpourri, or…? 
~  ~  ~

Windy Thoughts on Writing

Wind whips through the trees this morning, flinging bits of branches to the ground and sending tiny fir cones skittering across the deck.

Our unpredictable springtime weather caught a few sailors off guard while they were anchored offshore from Vancouver’s Kitsilano Beach. This morning they’re no longer offshore but onshore.

Photo Credit: Nick Procaylo , PNG

This is the kind of day I’d like to be where my daughter lives, wandering the Vancouver Island shoreline, wonder-filled by the power of the waves. Blustery windstorms invigorate me. Yes, I know they cause all sorts of damage and inconvenience. Schools in town are all closed this morning because of power outages. But I love the dip and dance of the trees, birds sailing the sky with wings outstretched to catch the currents, puffs of cloud sprinting from one horizon to the other.

Wind can have contradictory connotations… of inspiration, music, change, the Holy Spirit, violent energy, or welcome refreshment on a searing summer day.

I look for a writing analogy and think of the Muse – a force that moves words, sometimes like a breeze, other times like a storm, transporting thoughts from the unknown into our minds. I think of the words themselves – words with power to move, to invigorate, to devastate.

How do you experience wind in your writing?