Pre-Winter Blasts and Blusters

  We west coasters may be teased as wimps, but we’re accustomed to balmy rainforest-type conditions here. When temperatures take their first winter plunge we shiver and complain. This weekend blustery winds blew our first short lived snowfall into skiffs and drifts, and layered nearby mountains in a wardrobe of white. Most of the snowContinue reading “Pre-Winter Blasts and Blusters”

There’s just no pleasing everyone…

It’s raining. You wouldn’t think there’s anything too significant in that fact. This is coastal British Columbia after all. But this is the first drop of moisture we’ve had in more than three weeks. In fact, weather records show there’s been only .6 mm of precipitation here in the last seven weeks. And that isContinue reading “There’s just no pleasing everyone…”