One Month to the Olympics!

The XXI Olympic Winter Games begin exactly one month from today, February 12th, in Vancouver. There will be approximately 5500 athletes from 80 countries participating in 86 events involving seven sports.

This official logo is named Ilanaaq the Inunnguaq . Ilanaaq is the Inuktitut word for friend.

Just thought you might like to know all that. ūüôā

[Information and logo from Wikipedia]

One Year and Counting

¬†Canadians have begun the countdown… 365 days to go. The hype began six years ago when Vancouver was selected as host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I bought an Olympic lapel pin back in 2007, not so much because I was anxious to start supporting the games, but because I saw a particular design that I liked (it incorporates a snowflake which is one of my weaknesses). Today I am wearing it for the first time.


The torch that will be passed from hand to hand across Canada made its debut this morning and is a distinctive design. The outfit that the torchbearers will wear, however, is unimpressive, although the logic behind it makes sense. The mostly white jacket, pants and toque are lost against the snow they are meant to represent. The only bit of colour on one sleeve is barely visible from the front, which is all we saw as the torchbearers were interviewed — except for the bright red mitts. Those seem incongruous and their relevance to the games is lost on me.


My observations aren’t meant to be critical but I know they reflect my disappointment in other aspects of the games. Despite being hosted by Vancouver, I won’t get to any of the events, mostly because of their out-of-my-reach cost, but partly because of logistics, too. Travel anywhere in and around Vancouver/Whistler during the games is going to be horrendous and there is no public transportation from where I live.


As was the case during more distant Olympic games, I will be an enthusiastic supporter of my favourite events, watching them on television. That won’t offer the excitement of live action but I’ll be warm and comfortable without the expense or traffic.


I suppose there is also some consolation in having the fridge within reach of my armchair.¬†It’s a little too soon to stock it with snacks, but it won’t be long. I’m counting down the 365 days as of now.