From Beside Quiet Waters

He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul. Vacations are meant to refresh, and mine has. It has been a time spent beside (and on) many quiet waters, travelling and sharing happy times with our family.  From the coast, we towed our fifth-wheel to the Okanagan, then followed our son’s truck, camper andContinue reading “From Beside Quiet Waters”

Finding Solitude and Serenity (or… this writer’s ideal retreat)

In my books, solitude and serenity go hand in hand. The ultimate in peacefulness is a week spent at our lakeside cabin where the only sound to break the silence is the occasional call of a loon, and the only company is wildlife wandering through in search of breakfast. For much of our week weContinue reading “Finding Solitude and Serenity (or… this writer’s ideal retreat)”

Time Changes Everything… in Life and Writing

An overused phrase says it all. Just like a new day, “I’m baaaaack!” After two different vacation trips to two different lakes, spending time with two different groups of our family, I’m refreshed, rejuvenated and raring to get back into routine. Sort of. I’m not quite ready to rare yet. My brain is still inContinue reading “Time Changes Everything… in Life and Writing”

Refilled and ready to write again

. What’s that song? “Back in the Saddle Again?” Yeah, that’s it. . I’ve been away since last Wednesday, taking the refreshment break I mentioned, trading the trickle of my deck’s water garden for the roar of the Similkameen River. My w.i.p. didn’t accompany me, but I wrote every day and took more than 150Continue reading “Refilled and ready to write again”

A Natural Kind of Beauty

There is nothing quite like the peaceful seclusion of a special place to bring refreshment to mind, body and spirit. Our lakeside retreat is remote. There is no public access and the nearest electricity is twenty kilometers away. Only one other home on the lake is occupied. The only sounds we hear are from natureContinue reading “A Natural Kind of Beauty”