Another Mañana Morning

While I’m immersed in other Monday morning things like puppy training and NaNoWriMo writing, I hope you won’t mind this 2009 rerun from the archives… Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m not a morning person. While I’m thankful for each new day, I waken groggy, slow to acknowledge its presence. I’mContinue reading “Another Mañana Morning”

So Many Books, So Little Time!

I’m sharing an article from the archives today, updated from its original posting in 2008. But FIRST… I have to share my daughter’s exciting news! Her first publishing contract! Head over to Shari’s blog and read about it, then come back here to continue. 🙂 ~ “So many books, so little time.”  If you Google thisContinue reading “So Many Books, So Little Time!”

Five-Minute Challenge: Musing about CHANGE

Leaves twist and curl, flip their skirts in the breeze and tease with silver undersides. Photo-synthesis slows and autumn’s chill changes green to gold.  The season is edging away from what was, to what will be, tugging me with it. Time slides into space, today melding into tomorrow, and I sort and decide: what belongsContinue reading “Five-Minute Challenge: Musing about CHANGE”

Reading instead of, or in addition to, writing

My post last Friday began with, “I don’t have time to write… or do I?” Silly question. If we’re novelists, we make time, because our passion for storytelling drives us to get the words out. But what about reading? If we’re writers, making time to write can be challenging enough. Who has time to read?Continue reading “Reading instead of, or in addition to, writing”

I Don’t Have Time (or Do I?)

. I’ve just returned from a few days away.  Being short on time and inspiration I’m offering a re-post from 2009 that I hope you’ll find timely. I’ll be back on Monday. ~ Someone once asked me if I’m disciplined. Disciplined? Me? That’s a relative term and I had to ask for clarification before answering.Continue reading “I Don’t Have Time (or Do I?)”

Making Better Use of My Time

  Google Reader helps keep my blog-reading habit under control. One day I took the time to enter the URLs of my favourite blogs as ‘subscriptions’ and now I can access them all in one place. A quick glance lets me know which ones have new postings so I don’t have to waste time travellingContinue reading “Making Better Use of My Time”

Autumn Nostalgia

On the way into town today leaves fluttered from trees and floated across the road in windy disarray. So many barren branches compared to just a week ago. Now that clocks have been turned back, the extra few minutes of morning light are welcome, but evening sunsets are too early. It’s hard to steel myselfContinue reading “Autumn Nostalgia”

Mornings, or maybe not…

Morning drifts into my consciousness, hesitates and leaves again. On its next attempt it flits and flickers like a butterfly darting from one flower to another. Oh, bother! I guess it really is time to wake up. Eyes squinting against the light I ease out from under the duvet, stretch, stumble to the closet forContinue reading “Mornings, or maybe not…”