The Curse of My TBR List

TBR (To Be Read) lists are bad for me. I keep adding titles to them faster than I can read the books, and the list becomes a convenient excuse. I may want to read something but other priorities intervene, so I simply add it to my list of books to read ‘one day’.  I tellContinue reading “The Curse of My TBR List”

Saying the Occasional “No” Without Guilt

. Daylight dwindles into darkness, and Wildwood Acres settle for the night.  Birds hush in their hidden sanctuaries and the only sound is a lonely tree frog somewhere in the marsh. Before falling into stillness, the breeze opened up the clouds and left tomorrow’s promise in the sky. This is usually my time to settleContinue reading “Saying the Occasional “No” Without Guilt”

To Network or Not

Two videos came my way this morning, both filled with statistics indicating that “Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate,” to put it in the words of Erik Qualman. I have no doubt it is. We writers are bombarded with messages encouraging us to take control of ourContinue reading “To Network or Not”

Time Management Strategies for Writers

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the problem of making time for writing. We’re inclined to think we face the same kind of time constraints as agents except the workload originates from a different source. Balancing demands against time seems to be a constant challenge. The complaint that crops up most often is thereContinue reading “Time Management Strategies for Writers”