Trying to Hide in a Crowd

. I know. The title doesn’t tell you much. But I relate rather well to the wolf in this Robert Bateman print that hangs on my family room wall. If you’ve ever wished you were invisible, you’ll understand why, being both a pastor’s wife and an introvert, I sometimes desperately wanted to hide in aContinue reading “Trying to Hide in a Crowd”

The value of supportive friendships

Last May I blogged about the importance of support in our writing endeavours. (If you missed it you can check it out here.) Today, on The Pastor’s Wife Speaks blog I’m sharing the dilemma of ministers’ families who need to display impartiality in their relationships and thus often forego the support of close personal friendships. (I’mContinue reading “The value of supportive friendships”

There’s light, and then there’s LIGHT

My brain functions in strange ways. I’m a pretty organized and logical person, but sometimes, all on its own, my mind leaps off on tangents. You know the kind… the clichéd ‘flights of fancy’ that result in metaphors and analogies. If you’ve read the title and are wondering what a hosta plant has to doContinue reading “There’s light, and then there’s LIGHT”

Guest Posting

. At Jennifer AlLee’s invitation I’m guest posting at “The Pastor’s Wife Speaks” blog today, revealling some hard-learned truths. Click on over to read “Me? A Minister’s Wife?” It’s not about writing, but it’s about a time that contributed to who I am now. I’d love to have the support of a familiar face over there.Continue reading “Guest Posting”