Transitioning from Thanksgiving into Advent

    Sunlight filtered through the trees last weekend as we neared the spot where we would see the eagles. It was more of a stroll than a hike to get there, as the trail meandered through the woods toward the Chehalis River. Later we crossed over a stream via a log bridge and wanderedContinue reading “Transitioning from Thanksgiving into Advent”

Are you motivated by the destination or the journey?

There were just two daffodils in our entire yard. I know better than to plant tulips because the deer consider them a gourmet salad mix. But I’ve planted dozens of deer-resistant daffs and narcissus through the years, carefully selecting varieties said to be good naturalizers. The first year several bloom; the next only a few;Continue reading “Are you motivated by the destination or the journey?”

Finding the bright spot

Daylight Saving Time wasn’t a problem for us. My hubby systematically turned all the clocks ahead during the previous evening and we went to bed an hour early without really noticing. Judging by the attendance at church on Sunday morning, however, not everyone fared as well. There were a number of empty seats, and IContinue reading “Finding the bright spot”

‘Tis Christmas!

Thanks to all of you for your friendship and encouragement during this past year. I wish you God’s abundant blessings at Christmastime and throughout the coming New Year. May your hearts and homes reflect the love that prompted the greatest Gift of all. ~ I’ll be taking a blogging break next week, but will seeContinue reading “‘Tis Christmas!”

Reflections on a Mess

. Beside my favourite chair is a scrambled pile of books littering the floor. There’s the current issue of a home decorating magazine, my notebook of computer jottings (and a pen to jot down a new website password), a writing magazine, my daily journal and a second pen, a book I’m reading for review purposes,Continue reading “Reflections on a Mess”

Deer Friends

The fawn hesitates, oversize ears rotating as he watches me take his picture from the window. I’m sure he can’t hear me, but he stares unblinking, hoping the shape of me behind the glass is nothing. Hoping he is invisible. On his rump there is a curious black and white mark that identifies him asContinue reading “Deer Friends”

Thankful for Being Me

“Weekends are for liking your own skin,” said Ann Voskamp on her blog Saturday. “…for liking the way you were made… you are like no one else… your kind of different is good… you are so wondrously, happily, astonishingly you! My compliments to your Maker!” That brought me up short. Yes, I am uniquely me,Continue reading “Thankful for Being Me”