Wordle Reminiscence and a Word of Thanks

Exactly two years ago I posted my first blog entry entitled, “Becoming Visible,” the text of which forms the Wordle on this page. Chickadees and Flickers found their way into that post, providing examples of how I felt about venturing online with my writing.

Wordle: Visibility

I said, “It occurs to me that such birdy behaviour is reminiscent of an author’s dilemma: disliking interruptions as we focus on feeding our creative selves, and yet needing a degree of visibility to get what our resulting creation needs — readers. So I have arrived, fluttering noisily albeit reluctantly, into the world of weblogs. I have become visible.”

On my first online anniversary I posted a question, “After One Year What’s Next? Anything?” Like others who periodically wonder if the time spent on blogging really has any value, I questioned what had been achieved in the year. I concluded that because of this small page on the World Wide Web I have met a number of good friends and “have tiptoed into the open, pulling aside the curtain that separated the artificial layers of my persona from the authentic me. For an introverted writer that’s a gigantic achievement.”

Now, another year later, there is proof that this blog has served a third purpose. Today’s post is #311. Over three hundred times I’ve gathered words together to share something of importance to me that I hope has been of some interest to you. In addition to magazine articles and novel writing, I’ve engaged in over three hundred writing exercises that wouldn’t otherwise have made it onto a page.

So, to each of you who has taken time to visit here, I thank you for giving me a reason to continue writing these “musings and mental meanderings on life and writing.” You won’t have realized it, but you’ve been helping me improve my skills as a writer and that’s more valuable than any ‘giving back’ that I’ve been able to offer you.