Tiptoeing into technology

We aren’t a technology-ignorant family. There are computers and DVD players in our household, a programmable coffee maker and assorted other electronics whose buttons we push with some measure of confidence. My hubby, however, has never had a good word to say about such things as iPods, Blackberries, tablets or smart phones. He prefers alternativesContinue reading “Tiptoeing into technology”

Will Christmas cards become obsolete?

WooHoo!!! I’m done! Yes, I’m smirking. Every year about this time I begin to panic as I face the inevitable postal deadline for mailing out Christmas cards. It’s not like the middle of December doesn’t always arrive in the middle of December. It’s just that the date always sneaks up on me. But not thisContinue reading “Will Christmas cards become obsolete?”

Another Use for Technology

Technology gets both kudos and criticism, depending on the perspective. Yes, we spend too much time on our assorted computerized toys… sometimes to the detriment of health and home life. But here’s one application of Apple’s new iPad that has to be a benefit nobody can deny. I knew there was a reason why IContinue reading “Another Use for Technology”

The iPad Is Coming

I think I’m in love! Well, yes, I have been all along with my hubby, but we’re talking about electronic toys now, and they do more than help with the dishes and clean the garage! While its name has been controversial, the Apple iPad’s introduction last Wednesday substantiated the claims of those who said itContinue reading “The iPad Is Coming”