When is a piano like a story?

The grand piano at our church ended up on its side today. I watched with sweaty hands as the two men detached the lyre and a leg, tipped the piano over and removed its brass wheels. There’s a good reason for what they were doing. The nearly-700 pound instrument needs to be moved occasionally andContinue reading “When is a piano like a story?”

A Writer’s Interdependency

A year ago I posted about support systems. I think we all appreciate a little encouragement from time to time. It’s both comforting and reassuring, but on occasion there’s more to the shoring up than we may realize. I believe there are times when we can look back and recognize that the help we’ve receivedContinue reading “A Writer’s Interdependency”

The value of supportive friendships

Last May I blogged about the importance of support in our writing endeavours. (If you missed it you can check it out here.) Today, on The Pastor’s Wife Speaks blog I’m sharing the dilemma of ministers’ families who need to display impartiality in their relationships and thus often forego the support of close personal friendships. (I’mContinue reading “The value of supportive friendships”

Feathers and Friends: a Comparison

. . . Feathery bursts of colour, delicate clouds of white, pink and red, punctuate the mostly green garden beds in our back yard. Whether you call it false spirea, meadowsweet, false goat’s beard or astilbe, this hardy perennial is one of my favourites. The plumes rise above lacy, fern-like leaves and last for severalContinue reading “Feathers and Friends: a Comparison”

What or who supports you in your writing?

. An eagle dips and soars in the ocean breeze, his white head tinged amber in the sunset rays. He brings to mind a cyberfriend, now gone – a friend I never met in person, whose exquisite photography often featured his beloved eagles. Jim Dubois, “Garnite”, died last week. Thanks to a lung transplant threeContinue reading “What or who supports you in your writing?”