Not Yet… Noooooo!!!

We wandered the gardens this morning, the dog and I. He caught up on wildlife scents while I checked out how things had survived the weeks of our vacation abandonment. There weren’t a lot of blooms on the potentilla and I was surprised to find the dogwood leaves fading and the ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum headsContinue reading “Not Yet… Noooooo!!!”

Simmering Summer

Today is the first in a forecasted series of 32oC days. I retreated indoors and closed blinds against the sun when breezes stilled and the motionless air outside became too heavy. Now slits of light leave stripes on the family room floor.  Except for the occasional flitting dragonfly, there is no movement out in theContinue reading “Simmering Summer”

Springtime Waiting and Wanting

Lush spring greens falter against the backdrop of a slate-grey sky. Tiny liquid crystals shimmy on shiny breeze-blown rhododendron leaves. Two weeks from summer’s arrival and still the lawns are squishy beds of moss, gardens a muddy setting for the emerging perennials. This is my season of impatience. I yearn for warmer temperatures and summerContinue reading “Springtime Waiting and Wanting”

Goodbye Summer Reading, Hello Fall Gardening

Just one more day! Yikes! Can I finish all the things I wanted to do this summer in the one day that’s left before autumn arrives on Tuesday? I doubt it. The one thing I have accomplished, however, is meeting my summer reading goal. Challenged by Jennifer Hubbard to read ten books by September 21st,Continue reading “Goodbye Summer Reading, Hello Fall Gardening”

Summer Storm

Summer air, heavy with unshed humidity, stifles the usual evening sounds. Breezes that were making the 31o heat bearable suddenly die and birds disappear into their woodland sanctuaries leaving an ominous silence.   It’s still two hours before sunset but I flick on lamps to fend off the darkness as purple-black clouds obliterate the sun. TheContinue reading “Summer Storm”

I take it all back. I AM complaining!

I know I said I wasn’t complaining. But today our 34o temperature made us the hot spot in Canada, breaking an all time record for the date. Last year June came in as the coldest in fifty years. This year it has come in hotter than has ever been recorded in the seventy years ofContinue reading “I take it all back. I AM complaining!”

Did Someone Say It’s Summer?

I’m not complaining. Truly I’m not! After all, complaints were plentiful enough when Spring was late arriving and Winter’s chill lingered into May. So now that June has arrived with day after day of more than 30oC temperatures, we’re grateful, right? All those new forest fires mere miles from our summer cabin don’t worry usContinue reading “Did Someone Say It’s Summer?”