Blowdowns and Abandoned Writing Dreams

Thank goodness for a 4×4 truck! As I’ve mentioned in at least one previous post, when we head north to our cabin, the route takes us via major highways, gravel logging roads, private dirt roads and eventually to our very primitive road. There is no public access to our land, and therefore no road maintenance.Continue reading “Blowdowns and Abandoned Writing Dreams”

Jellybean Philosophy

When the going gets tough, the tough go for jellybeans — or, in this case, the Confidence Guy goes for them. Remembering what’s important puts daily stresses into perspective for him. I think maybe I’ll go buy some jellybeans. Sounds like they’re good reminders to have on hand. Besides, I love jellybeans!

Oh, Bear of Little Brain That I Am!

My husband walked down the hall to his office moments ago and then returned, muttering that he had forgotten what he was going for. I sympathize because I’ve done that, too. Generally if I take myself back to what I was doing when the thought first occurred the memory will return.   There are times,Continue reading “Oh, Bear of Little Brain That I Am!”