Where Was the Beginning?

Paranormal isn’t my genre but I recently came across a video interview with Stephenie Meyer that captured my attention. She talks about the beginning, the start of her writing career before she ever realized it was going to be a career.

Writers are often asked where their ideas come from. Stephenie’s TWILIGHT story began as a dream. When she awoke in the morning she wrote it down so she wouldn’t forget it. Some time later she shared it with her sister but never intended anyone else to read it or expected it to end up as a published book.

Some might say, “Yeah, sure,” but I find myself believing her. Think back. Whether you are now a published author or an aspiring one, where did your writing begin? Were those initial words intended for public viewing?

I’ve written poetry since my childhood but always for myself. I didn’t have a sister to share it with. Even as an adult most of my poetry has remained private. My first magazine article wasn’t queried for submission  but was written at the request of an editor. So what changed? Why have I had magazine articles published over the past decade, devotional pieces shared and multiple novels written or in the works with the dream of publication?

I believe the prodding to write has always come from God. It’s an inner stirring anxious to be expressed. The idea to write my first novel came from a conversation with my best friend… a seed planted after a week-long visit during which we had talked about her writing and her dreams. But God has patiently (or maybe not so patiently) wooed me away from the path I initially chose. I was reluctant to change but when God has something in mind it’s hard to ignore Him. I’ll save more on this topic for a later post, but right now I’m focusing on The Beginning.

Where was your beginning in writing? I don’t mean why you write or where you get your ideas. What do you remember of your earliest writing and why did you embark on it? What was its purpose?