Spring Things – 3

A whim took me down our trail to the marsh late yesterday afternoon. I hadn’t ventured in that direction in months, but a few weeks ago my hubby had been given a tiny fir seedling at a special event. He’d planted it in the woods near the edge of the marsh, and today was heading there to water it. IContinue reading “Spring Things – 3”

Patience and Endurance…

The Coquihalla Highway was closed Monday due to a major snowfall. As we travelled homeward on Tuesday — the last day of April — a lot of the snow had disappeared, but it certainly didn’t resemble spring. The above verses of Romans (8:25 and 5:4) seemed particularly appropriate. There’s no rushing springtime. We just haveContinue reading “Patience and Endurance…”

Springtime is an oxymoron

Leanne Shirtliffe is guest posting at Writer Unboxed today. Her topic is ‘Funny Oxymorons for Writers‘ and if you haven’t read it, you should. After I’d digested her definitions of ‘finished draft’, ‘aspiring writer’ and ‘mild heart attack’ I realized how many other oxymorons we live with. ‘Organized chaos’ is a regular for me, butContinue reading “Springtime is an oxymoron”