Creepy Crawlies (again)

Three times in two days an intruder has dared to enter our house. I know it’s ‘that’ time of the year again, but still, I thought I’d made it clear last spring that inside is MY domain. I expect creepy crawlies to stay outside. Suffice to say, those three are no longer around to make aContinue reading “Creepy Crawlies (again)”

Eye to Eye: a Spider Encounter

Spiders and I don’t see eye-to-eye… at least, not unless I walk head first into one, which I almost did last night.  I don’t know how I missed it on the way outside, but as I was about to go back in through the door I jolted to a sudden stop as a huge spiderContinue reading “Eye to Eye: a Spider Encounter”

It’s Mine! No, It’s Mine!

You remember that walk I mentioned yesterday? The one in the lovely September sunshine? Well, let me tell you…. I love nature. Honestly, I do. There are just a few of its inhabitants that gross me out, but I compromise: I’ll let them live undisturbed outside as long as they let me live undisturbed inside.Continue reading “It’s Mine! No, It’s Mine!”

Creepy Crawlies

 A proficient gardener I’m not, but I love to putter around in the yard. I meander through the flower beds on a regular basis, hauling the hose along to water needy plants, discovering what’s new, deadheading depleted blossoms and, yes, (shudder) occasionally encountering miniature wildlife.   I’m not a big fan of bugs, but I acceptContinue reading “Creepy Crawlies”