Exposé of a Writing Failure

sc-snowflakes7No, it’s not winter yet. It’s just… well, here’s the story–

It’s not often that I voluntarily expose a personal failure, especially not right out here in cyberspace for scrutiny by all the world (or whatever small portion of said world might find its way to my blogging doorstep). But in a weak moment I agreed to share my experience with Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method of writing as a guest post on Jordan McCollum’s website today.

sc-snowflakes5My attempt at snowflake storytelling design wasn’t pretty. In fact, as a plotting device it didn’t end up resembling a snowflake at all. You’ll find the story of my sorry attempt posted there if you’d like to mosey on over. You can even leave a comment but please say something nice; ridicule is hard on my morale.