A Green Moment in Time (Again)

“Way back in the olden days…” well, back in 2009, anyway, I admitted to being Irish and I shared a bit of the Irish legend and the shenanigans our family occasionally pursues to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The latter involve things like green-tinted milk and green cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches in school lunch boxes,Continue reading “A Green Moment in Time (Again)”


The Luck o’ the Irish, and other blessings

. As secular as Irish shenanigans may seem, there are some tenuous sacred roots to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. For instance, it’s said the Shamrock was used by St. Patrick to illustrate the principle of the Trinity to people he converted. While the Shamrock is associated with all things Irish, it’s actually a native ofContinue reading “The Luck o’ the Irish, and other blessings”

A Green Moment in Time

‘Tis St. Patrick’s Day and I admit to wearing green. I could just as appropriately have chosen blue, mind you, as blue was the colour associated with Ireland until the mid-1700s. And non-Catholics might well choose orange. So why does green appear everywhere today? Legend has it that St. Patrick chose a shamrock to helpContinue reading “A Green Moment in Time”