Sunshine on Cedars

. A glimmer of weak sunshine makes its way to the cedar trees. Except for the plow’s leavings, the snow is gone. Early February here is that bleak time of year when winter’s frozen glory has retreated and spring’s promise yet to arrive. I sigh at the rotting leaves of autumn-neglected hostas and alder untilContinue reading “Sunshine on Cedars”

Surprised by God

. I’m musing this morning… finding wonder in the ways God meets me wherever I am. Whatever the need, before I realize it even exists, he has responded. . It’s easy to notice the big things and be thankful, but it’s in the little unexpected moments that I am caught unaware and surprised by hisContinue reading “Surprised by God”

Not Yet… Noooooo!!!

We wandered the gardens this morning, the dog and I. He caught up on wildlife scents while I checked out how things had survived the weeks of our vacation abandonment. There weren’t a lot of blooms on the potentilla and I was surprised to find the dogwood leaves fading and the ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum headsContinue reading “Not Yet… Noooooo!!!”

The Seasons of Writing

In the prairies where only a month ago farmers worried about lack of moisture, they now face devastating floods. In Ontario summer-like temperatures of 30+C degrees have been around all spring. Here in western British Columbia spring growth is greener than ever, but not much is blooming. For the past three weeks glimpses of sunshineContinue reading “The Seasons of Writing”

Seasonal Reminiscing

A friend of mine dreads autumn because it heralds the coming of winter, which she hates. To me that’s like not wanting summer to come because Thanksgiving will follow, or disliking spring rains because of the impending summer’s heat. At first glance it’s irrational. I do understand, however, that for this friend winter means moreContinue reading “Seasonal Reminiscing”