Still Saturday: a Sunbeam’s Kiss

THE HUMMINGBIRD The sunlight speaks. And its voice is a bird. It glitters half-guessed, half seen, half heard Above the flower bed. Over the lawn… A flashing dip and it is gone. And all it lends to the eye is this – A sunbeam giving the air a kiss. Harry Kemp ~ ~  ~  ~Continue reading “Still Saturday: a Sunbeam’s Kiss”

Lineup at the Non-existent Birdfeeder and Breakfast Bar

The first seconds after I waken from a deep sleep are always fuzzy, so Friday morning when the birdfeeder that hung a few inches outside my bedroom window began to rattle and zing, I muttered into my pillow about energetic Jays and their pre-dawn appetites. Not that I said anything quite that polite. It wasContinue reading “Lineup at the Non-existent Birdfeeder and Breakfast Bar”

Knowing when to turn your back

One of the downsides to reading blogs and books on the craft of writing is the quantity of advice that can be accumulated. It’s all valuable, but sometimes it’s all too much! There comes a point when we have to turn our backs on the information and venture off on our unique writing journey. IContinue reading “Knowing when to turn your back”

Using Photography in Writing

. Not everyone who writes wants to create their own photos to accompany articles and blog posts, and with the availability of free graphics online, it’s relatively easy to find suitable illustrations when we need them. Photos are often the inspiration for my posts here. I look through my digital albums until I see oneContinue reading “Using Photography in Writing”

Humming along…

Beautiful flashes of brilliance catch my attention as two hummingbirds hover close to the window, scanning the blossoms in our hanging baskets. They are Rufous Hummingbirds, the male suitably attired in rusty feathers with an iridescent red throat and his female companion wearing green with dainty iridescent orange at her throat. At barely three inchesContinue reading “Humming along…”