The sound of writing versus silence


In my continuing offline hiatus, here is another re-run from 2008.


I suspect many of us who write are convinced that publication validates our efforts. Mystery/Suspense author Sandra Parshall said, “A writer needs readers to make the last link in the creative circle. A story that is never read by anyone other than its author is incomplete. It’s a bird singing in an empty forest.”

But wouldn’t that bird sing whether or not anyone was there to listen?

Some insist that a writer is one who writes, while an author is one whose writing is published. That makes me wonder if the credibility of a writer is diminished because his words have not become public.

While it’s not my goal, I admire those who sing just for the joy of the song.


What’s your opinion? Is the writing of an unpublished writer less valuable than that of published ones? Do you think there’s a point to writing if we don’t intend for anyone else to read our words?