Disintegrating stories, unlike buildings, have little heritage value

. Old structures intrigue me. I’m not really sure why, but I suspect it’s a bit of nostalgia that causes me to pause when I come across one, and wonder about its origins or history. This one is the original log cabin built on our Cariboo property by my father with the help of a neighbouringContinue reading “Disintegrating stories, unlike buildings, have little heritage value”

Time Changes Everything… in Life and Writing

An overused phrase says it all. Just like a new day, “I’m baaaaack!” After two different vacation trips to two different lakes, spending time with two different groups of our family, I’m refreshed, rejuvenated and raring to get back into routine. Sort of. I’m not quite ready to rare yet. My brain is still inContinue reading “Time Changes Everything… in Life and Writing”

Trying to make it perfect… or, revision frustration

. The perfect shot shouldn’t have been all that difficult. I followed the striking black and yellow Tiger Swallowtail butterfly around the yard, sneaking up with camera in hand whenever he fluttered within range and settled on a plant. But I barely had a chance to locate him in the viewfinder before he skittered awayContinue reading “Trying to make it perfect… or, revision frustration”

New beginnings… or, please not another revision!

. Now that spring is officially underway, I think most of us are wishing for signs that winter is giving in and retreating. We all realize that where we live has a bearing on how soon we can expect to see buds bursting, but we’re more than ready for the return of springtime with itsContinue reading “New beginnings… or, please not another revision!”

Now What? Life After NaNoWriMo

Around the world red-eyed wrimos are looking at the numbers in awe and whispering, “I contributed words to that total.” Then they look down at their NaNo manuscript with despair and groan, “But it’s all crap!”   Yup, that’s the curse of taking part in NaNoWriMo. Participants worldwide wrote a total of 2,872,682,109 words inContinue reading “Now What? Life After NaNoWriMo”

Plowing Through the Poop

It isn’t always this difficult. I’m talking about manuscript revision — the re-evaluation and rewriting of material that originally flowed effortlessly from brain to keyboard but now has to be picked apart and put back together again, bit by painful bit.   First drafts develop creatively from ideas given free rein on the page. RevisionsContinue reading “Plowing Through the Poop”