Claiming the Facts – Researching the Ridiculous

 . Something about claims on labels has bothered me for years. I read them because I want to know how I might be affected by a product. So if an antiseptic kills only “99.9%” of viruses and bacteria, I don’t want to know just the ones it kills, I want to know the remaining .1%Continue reading “Claiming the Facts – Researching the Ridiculous”


Are we poisoning our chances for publication?

. Common snowberry, or Symphoricarpos albus, is a deciduous shrub in the honeysuckle family. It grows wild on shady hillsides and woodland areas but its attractive clusters of white berries have also made it a popular ornamental shrub in many gardens. It grows in wild abundance on our family’s Okanagan property and provides winter foodContinue reading “Are we poisoning our chances for publication?”

Reading instead of, or in addition to, writing

My post last Friday began with, “I don’t have time to write… or do I?” Silly question. If we’re novelists, we make time, because our passion for storytelling drives us to get the words out. But what about reading? If we’re writers, making time to write can be challenging enough. Who has time to read?Continue reading “Reading instead of, or in addition to, writing”

Research and Writing, an Inevitable Combination

Dead leaves crunched under foot and weeds crowded the path that was the only access to the abandoned cemetery.  Detailed directions from the curator of the small rural museum included the warning that it would be easy to miss the trailhead. But we didn’t, and eventually found what until that moment I hadn’t known existedContinue reading “Research and Writing, an Inevitable Combination”

Google Doodles and Search Options

There are many search engines to help us find things on the Internet. In fact, many is an understatement. I found an alphabetical list and only got to the K’s before counting 100! I’m sure you’ve heard of the most popular ones such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Cuil, Excite, and Lycos. One that I’mContinue reading “Google Doodles and Search Options”